Hotels Dynamic Sourcing - It’s time for lightning-fast hotel distribution

More destinations, more hotels, better prices... and therefore higher profit. Open up new horizons and better prospects for your travel business with Resfinity. ANIXE’s automated sourcing and distribution of your hotel content will reduce your time-to-market from weeks to hours.  

Gain fast access to 1.5+ million unique hotels worldwide through integration with Resfinity API. It rapidly enriches your offering with new destinations, better prices.... and therefore, higher profits. We are already connected to nearly 100 dynamic suppliers. Every new hotel they contract with will automatically be added to your offering

Getting your inventory out to your customers before your competitors is vital in today’s oversaturated marketplace. If you are still meeting in person to sign contracts with your hotel partners, manually reviewing, manually adding your markups, and manually sending them to your customers, you are inflating your time-to-market by weeks, if not months!

What’s so special about it?

hotel dynamic sourcing anixe diagram

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Be the first to deliver special offers to your customer, be the first to sell out the most profitable destinations and be the first-choice distributor for all your hotel partners in the future.

Your less tech-savvy competitors will be months behind you on special offers and flash sales. As a result, they won’t move anywhere near as many rooms as you, so which company do you think the hotel will want to work with at the start of the next season?

Automation and digitization will mean they choose you every time!. That will give you the leverage to improve rates and availability, which ultimately translates to more sales and happier customers.

Why do you need it?

  • Lightning-fast TTM

    Cut your time-to-market down to hours and leave your competitors in the dust. With ANIXE's hotel sourcing & distribution, you'll be the first to bring new offers and products to market.
  • Best prices. Rich offer

    Access to a wide range of suppliers will allow you to reach real price bargains and to offer discerning customers non-trivial destinations.
  • Automatic Deduplication

    Keep your customers happy with a lightning-fast booking engine. With ANIXE's cache data, loading times are reduced to milliseconds, resulting in more sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Speedy Booking Engine

    You have full control to increase or decrease your capacity whenever you like.
  • Cash Back Guarantee

    Maximize your profits with ANIXE's yield optimization. Our intelligent algorithms search for better deals after each sale, so you can get cash back on every transaction.
  • Prioritise Static Content

    Offer your customers the best experience possible. With ANIXE, you can prioritize top-quality supplier content and ensure that your customers always have access to the best information.

Why choose ANIXE?

  • Easily connect to our extensive list of suppliers.
  • Our simple-to-use intuitive user interface makes it easy for even the most technophobic of your employees.
  • Our partnership with GIATA gives you access to all their paid static content, as well as Giata Drive which is FREE OF CHARGE!
  • With quick and simple integration, we can have your agency portal up and running within a week.

Digitization and automation remove constraints to growth. They allow for a level of scalability which relying on physical meetings cannot match. Bring your company into the 21st century and explore all the opportunities which come with it.

Our Hotel Distribution platform has many tools available for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies. Get in touch for a demonstration to see how we can revolutionize your operations.

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