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”I think we all feel responsible and committed to the life and development of the company. Each of us has a real influence on what is going on in ANIXE - we do not recreate, we create it ourselves.”
ANIXE in 2020

ANIXE in 2020. Long story short

We were changing, growing up and expanding - there’s no doubt about it. The numbers just don’t lie.
ANIXE Travel Insights: With vaccines around the corner, everyone's packed a suitcase

With vaccines around the corner, everyone's packed a suitcase

The 2nd wave, new strains of the virus and renewed lockdowns have brought the travel industry to an abrupt halt after the summer rush. January however, brought a clear rebound...

Managing dependencies in Rust

Lots of diffs have been committed since we at ANIXE began to hang our hat on Rust - we're proud to say that the life(time) of aclr8, our first production-grade Rust webservice, began on February 24, 2016
XX Gazele Biznesu 2019 / Business Gazelle of the Year

ANIXE – Business Gazelle of the Year 2020

Business Gazelle is a prestigious title bestowed upon companies that are recognized for their sustained financial achievements, and is an excellent business recommendation...
Travelspirit's Visual Tour Builder

ANIXE product now available in Travelspirit's Visual Tour Builder

TravelSpirit is a Dutch technology provider offering highly valued, modular and compatible software tools for travel companies. The company provides a wide range of solutions in the areas of...
ANIXE: Happy Holiday Season 2020!!!

Happy Holiday Season 2020!

We would like to wish you a joyful and Happy New Year with dreams worth fighting for, and moments worth sharing with friends and family that we keep close to our hearts...
Ratehawk - Wholesaler

Ratehawk – new hotel provider expanding Resfinity's offering is an international B2B online booking platform featuring hotels, car hire and other travel-related services, developed by Emerging Travel Group...
Quality Software Development - the art of attracting competent people

HQ Software Development - the art of attracting competent people

Companies looking to succeed in IT have to develop techniques of identifying the talent and reaching out to these competent people, taking care of them, even pampering them, through a strongly nurtured...

From IT Service Desk specialist to Support Manager - Kasia’s story

I could even say that I am like a well-known device: I connect people” said Kasia, who currently works as Support Manager but has been at ANIXE, Wroclaw for over 5 years.
Custom Software Development - graphic

You are unique, so why should your software be like everyone else's?

If your unique business processes define your edge, then why compromise to fit into an off-the-shelf way of doing things? You need to customize a solution that ...
dora kadrowanie

Patient and determined – Dora Story

“I think the best and most challenging part of being a leader is to always commit to supporting, encouraging and empathizing with the members of the team” – said Dora who works at...
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