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ANIXE Webinar 13.07.2021

Want to know how travel tech systems can help tour operators sell more and achieve higher margins? Listen to ANIXE’s expert Amr Mohsen by singing up for this event today.
Italcamel – renowned Italian DMC expands ANIXE’s accommodation offer

Italcamel – renowned Italian DMC expands ANIXE's hotel offer

Italcamel is a leader in the Italian incoming travel industry, and one of the most prominent Italian ground operators to date. Established in 1979, IC supplies the most important tour operators, travel agencies and...
ANIXE Insights: It’s a breakthrough! Travel bookings are booming with incredible momentum.

It’s a breakthrough! Travel bookings boom with incredible momentum

May was another month of an increasing bookings. Globally, we have already reached 52% of the May 2019 booking volume, while in Germany, the volume is even approaching the 60% level of the pre-pandemic period...

One company + Time = Big perspective

At ANIXE, 8% of employees have worked for over 10 years or more, about 40% of us have worked for more than 4 years, and three-year-olds make up about 23% of our company.
Fintech ANIXE

Why is FinTech such a good match with the travel industry?

In 2020, more than 13 mln customers in Latin America made their first-ever online transactions with Visa. Mastercard reported a substantial growth in contactless transactions....
The case of Wirecard. Ensure an easy changeability of your PSS

Ensure an easy changeability of your PSP - the case of Wirecard

The Wirecard affair has shaken the financial industry worldwide. A situation that had no right to happen, did just that and it happened in front of the world...
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ANIXE is part of AMEinfo’s complete look at global airport digitisation

AMEinfo is the region's leading business website for news and information from the Middle East. We're proud that ANIXEs solutions are part of that picture...

"Turquoise style" - principal's story

There are new challenges all the time, and there wasn't a day when I was bored.
ANIXE Insights: Long-awaited vacations motivate vaccinations. Resilient people book trips.

Long-awaited vacations motivate vaccinations. Resilient people book trips

March was another month of steady growth in bookings. Although globally it accounts for less than 16% of March from 2 years ago, the trend for 2021 seems to be set...
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ANIXE within SKIFT’s top 5 travel innovations born out of the pandemic.

We believe in turning crisis management into growth opportunities. Now is the perfect time for development within the travel industry, as innovative tech solutions could be vital in COVID-19 times.
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Admin story

”I think we all feel responsible and committed to the life and development of the company. Each of us has a real influence on what is going on in ANIXE - we do not recreate, we create it ourselves.”
ANIXE in 2020

ANIXE in 2020. Long story short

We were changing, growing up and expanding - there’s no doubt about it. The numbers just don’t lie.
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