Resfinity gains even more suppliers for its internet booking engine.
06 SEP 2018

We welcome our new partners to the Resfinity family!

At ANIXE we are expanding our business development efforts to cover a global footprint, and evolving our product offering to match.

We have signed on 2 new clients, the latter both strategic players in their respective markets. We aim to achieve vertical growth in 2018 with a new product to support our main hotel offering.

New Clients

As our product offering matures we are keen to solve bigger market challenges; cater to larger project scopes with more complex requirements. The investment is long term however, the culmination of each integration is far more climactic! And the resounding effects will ripple across the industry for years to come, making people’s lives easier throughout the travel trade sector, through efficient process management and automation.

Hotelo – Hotelo Reisen und Service GmbH is based in Küsnacht / Zurich and delivers to the market hotel offers with a focus on Mediterranean destinations. The company currently provides over 6000 hotels with online price and availability information. Initially established based on direct hotel connections, Hotelo now intends to grow its hotel portfolio and expand to include new destinations using ANIXE’s Resfinity Hotel Platform and integrated third party suppliers.

Hotelo is evolving its distribution network through a newly found strategic partnership with Utilizing this alliance Hotelo plans to reach source markets across Asia with a major focus on India where Goomo has its roots. This advent evolves Hotelo to become a significant global player.

Through ANIXE’s Resfinity Hotel Platform Hotelo will receive offline exports carrying hotel pricing information. Using proprietary technology Hotelo will then pair the hotel offers with flights and make the packages available to its distribution partners, coupled with a price comparison tool that serves competitive monitoring and ultimately enabling maximization of yield and profitability.

DTA – Dutch Travel Alliance (DTA) is a touristic purchasing group in the Dutch travel industry representing the biggest independent online travel retailers in The Netherlands. Comprised of 23 of the biggest players in the market, DTA was created to consolidate the efforts of all its shareholders in procuring technology, suppliers, business intelligence and other common business goals. Each company still maintains its individual model and own distribution channels.

As it stands DTA currently represents over 70% market share in the Netherlands, and with ANIXE’s Resfinity Hotel Platform and Agency Portal the consortium has planned ambitious growth in the coming years, connecting new third party hotel suppliers and securing new sales channels.

DTA’s managing director is Mr. Arnoud Meijer. The Supervisory Board consists of the following four members: Mr. Erik van der Waard (Chairman), Mr. Jan Nijenhuis, Mr. Pieter Kuijs, and Mr. John Goverde.

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