Quality Software Development - the art of attracting competent people
09 DEC 2020

Quality software development - the art of attracting competent people

Quality custom software development is the art of attracting competent people and bringing them together, maintaining clear development roadmaps, consistent communication channels and running aggressive, concise sprints using state of the art tools and digital platforms that automate the operational cycle and help deliver efficient results.

The IT software market is not any easy one to tackle. With the advent of technology, it is an industry rife with tough competition, start-ups backed by international funds, investors and crowd sourcing.

Technology is by far where the human race continues to break barriers and leap bounds. The exponential learning curve we're witnessing makes nothing impossible. There isn't a single technological advancement that we've seen on Star Trek or the like that we can immediately dismiss, and say 'Nope. That'll never happen'. Whether we talk of time travel, teleportation, or regeneration...nothing is impossible. Not any more. We all talk to our phones, watches, homes and cars. IT is inspirational.

Finding a niche in all this, and succeeding in it is like finding a needle in a haystack, and using it to sow a work of art. Not an easy task. IT specialization has become so specific, there's room for everyone to create and flourish with quality products and services. IT has created so many needs that previously didn't exist, and will continue to do so until the end of time.

Companies looking to succeed in IT have to develop techniques of identifying the talent and reaching out to these competent people, taking care of them, even pampering them, through a strongly nurtured organisational culture that offers amazing work spaces, free food and drink, social and technical guidance and a plethora of financial and personal growth opportunities. Developers are artists. They require the right stimuli to produce their art. The right environment, the right setting and the right inspiration.

Cooperation on diverse projects, based on different technologies and competencies, requires the company's management to possess excellent management skills in personnel and project management, to be able to make full use of their competence resources. It is also about the art of communication between their own people, employees in foreign branches and subcontractors hired to perform part of the project.

At ANIXE we play both fields. We use external teams and provide our own software development teams. At first it was hard, but over the years we learned a few crucial things:

Make sure the teams share the same vision of the product and understand what its core value and expected effects on the business are. What is the big picture?

Get the requirements right (from high level to specific), set up clear milestones and project checkups. This process can roll along with the project as requirements evolve. However, what you are about to do needs to be clearly defined, with clear objectives and deliverables.

Implement the right development process. We usually use an iterative development approach (SCRUM based). We can regularly assess the progress, provide or get feedback, and make sure we are on track. If we fail at any stage, we are able to minimise costs quickly.

Get the people right. Make sure the team has the right skills and can work together, and everyone knows their roles and responsibilities.

Communication is crucial. We usually have a business product owner on one side and a technical product owner on the other. They need to work closely together to get the product delivered.

Treat external teams as your own with all the consequences. People want to be treated fairly, same as their peers. Both success and failure are shared across all teams.

Those are a few thoughts we wanted to share. May sound obvious, but actually, this is what works and has allowed ANIXE to build an exceptional company over 20 years on solid foundations, with excellent staff, the best box products and development teams ready to take on the most ambitious custom development challenges.

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