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05 MAR 2021

We believe in turning crisis management into growth opportunities. Now is the perfect time for development within the travel industry, as innovative tech solutions could be vital in COVID-19 times.

SKIFT, the most prominent global travel industry intelligence news provider, agrees with us on this matter! Our Resfinity-based solution for Gulf Air, Bahrain’s national carrier, has been selected by SKIFT as one of the top 5 most important travel innovations born out of the pandemic.

At ANIXE, we managed to enhance Gulf Air’s online bookings by implementing new digital modules. Previously, booking changes were only possible via call-centres - now they’re effortless and intuitive. With our Resfinity Air booking solution, the carrier can reallocate aircraft and change cabin-class seating ratios with ease. Digitalization for the win!

Proper technology and innovations can prepare the travel industry for the “new normal”, post-Covid situation. Automation becomes key to survival for many businesses in the coming years. At ANIXE, we stand ready to help any business prepare - by introducing contactless solutions, implementing new modules, developing apps and updating online booking systems.

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