13 JAN 2023

Working in IT is for more than just programmers, UX and project managers. In our company, you can meet creative storytellers who love to play with words and can describe the most complex IT products in simple ways...So, what does the life of an IT content creator look like? Meet Ben! He will share with us the secrets of the life of a content marketing specialist.

You are a writer and creative soul... what can a person like you do for an IT company? Could it be an exciting job for a non-IT person?

Copywriting for any product requires creativity. You have to imagine yourself in the shoes of the person who might need your product. It doesn't matter if you're selling a toilet brush or, in our case, extremely sophisticated travel technology software; you need to be able to emphasize with the end user.

To connect with potential clients effectively, you must translate a product's features into tangible benefits for the end user. Our products have many features, which allow me to conceptualize and write about many benefits. As a copywriter, this is the exciting part.

As a copywriter at ANIXE, I have become an 'IT person'. Of course, I didn't have to learn a coding language, but I did have to understand how the services work. And that does require a certain level of knowledge in IT. Thankfully there's always someone available to ask in case I need something explained.

ANIXE products are said to be unique on a global scale. What, in your opinion, distinguishes ANIXE products?

So many things distinguish our products on the market, but if I have to choose just one thing that makes us so different, I'd say it's our customers. For over 20 years, ANIXE has been working with the biggest names in the travel industry. Such long-term cooperation has impacted how we have developed our products. Working closely with industry-leading businesses means our services are at the forefront of innovation and have proven results.

Our products have been shaped by our partners, and our partners have been shaped by our products. So it's a two-way relationship; we don't sell your typical out-of-the-box software. Instead, it's more tailored, and that makes a big difference.

What do you usually write about? What do you like most about your daily work?

Since I joined 6 months ago, I have been involved in completely revamping the copy on our website. It isn't live just yet, so keep your eyes open for some big changes ;). Another aspect of my work is writing blog articles highlighting the benefits of using our products, those you can see already.

I like the freedom to choose the topics myself and the support I get if I have any questions. ANIXE is an open company; if you have a good idea, you are free to pursue it.

What is the most significant difficulty in your role and tasks?

In the beginning, it was to understand how the travel industry operates; to know who our customers are. I had a very simplistic understanding of the travel industry which didn't consider the diverse roles involved in getting travel offers to market. Once you understand the different types of businesses in the industry, it gets a lot easier to connect with their problems and needs.

Nowadays, I still sometimes need to correct myself on the specific technical features of our products. This is because we have a lot of products, and sometimes they sit in highly specialized niches. Thankfully I am a part of a knowledgeable team who can correct me if I have slightly misunderstood a product. The good news for them is that I only need telling once.

What do you like at ANIXE the most? Is ANIXE an excellent place to develop a career?

I love how open and flexible everything is. As a father, it is reassuring to know that in the very likely event of having to pick up my daughter from nursery, I can inform my manager, do my fatherly duties, and catch up on work later. It is a great help to me to have that flexibility. Combine this with the option to work remotely, and ANIXE is a fantastic place for young parents to work! Regarding career development, it's the best place I have worked. My manager is always finding ways to increase my general marketing knowledge instead of being wholly focused on content creation. Just last week I was invited by my manager to attend a marketing conference paid for by ANIXE. So yes! ANIXE is an excellent place to develop a career.

What do you enjoy doing after work to recharge your batteries?

Well, being a parent, I have learned to love the joys of going to a play park (indoors or out), going on bike ride safaris in search of forest animals, and taking my little one to dance and acrobatics classes. Once my daughter is asleep, I am a big reader. My Kindle is open more than my phone; how many people can say that!? When I am not reading, I am losing at board games or watching TV with my wife.


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