Anixe Hellas Privacy Policy

Privacy policy (GDPR Compliance)

The purpose of (ex is to inform potential candidates regarding the areas of service s which Anixe Hellas provides. More specifically, it exist only for Employer branding purposes and to make our job openings known and accessible to professionals around the world.

ANIXE Hellas is committed to provide you with a safe navigation through our website while you interact with it and more specifically when applying for a job opening. We want to assure you that we process your personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that takes place on 25/05/2018 and we believe that is our obligation to protect your privacy. Our aim is to be clear and honest regarding the data we collect and process and be explicit for the reasons we do that. Moreover, this privacy policy was made to inform you of the rights you have over the processing of those data.

In general, this privacy policy exists in order to inform you about:

  1. What personal data we collect and process
  2. The reasons why we collect and process these data
  3. How and how long we are going to keep your data
  4. If we transfer these data to third parties or international organisations
  5. What are your rights regarding your data
  1. Personal data are information related with you and through which you can be identified as a natural person, like your Name, Contact details (phone number, email, home address) and information that are related with your access to our website and ATS (Applicant Tracking System) like your IP address and cookies.
    While you use our website and apply thought our ATS (BambooHR), the data we collect and store are your Full Name, email address, phone number and CV (with all the information you have included in it like your home address). We do not track you IP address when navigating though our website, since we use anonymous tracking and only for keeping records for our website’s traffic.
    Your personal data is also secured in our ATS (BambooHR), since it is also GDPR compliant.
  2. We only collect and store your personal data for our recruitment needs. We collect and store your CV which includes your working experience and academic background in order to assess your qualifications according to the requirements of our job openings. Your Name, phone number and email address are also essential in order for us to contact you regarding your interest to work at our company and the progress of your application. We reassure you that we handle those data only throughout our recruitment process and for no other reason.
  3. We keep your data you provide us with through your job application only in our ATS (BambooHR) and also your Name and current job position in an excel file for reporting purposes and to keep some HR metrics associated with recruitment. We do not have physical or electronic records of them. We will store these data until our recruitment process is completed. The timetable cannot precisely be estimated, but it can be expected to last up to 6 months. Moreover, we may store your CV for longer period which will not exceed the period of 1 year from the day you applied, in case we believe that your qualification will match future job openings.
  4. The only third-party organisation to who we provide the above data is the company BambooHR that operates in the USA and UK and provides us a software as a service ATS for our recruitment needs. BambooHR is also GDPR compliant, so the processing of your data is secured.
  5. “You have the right to be forgotten”.
    According to the GDPR you have specific rights regarding your personal data. More specifically you have the right to:
    • Be informed whether we collect, process and store your personal data and, if so, what kind of data are they and why we keep records of them
    • To request access into your personal data, since you have the right to receive a copy of the personal data we store and check if we are processing them lawfully.
    • To request editing your personal data. This give you the ability to correct any incomplete or inaccurate information
    • To request the deletion of your personal data when you no longer want for us to store and process these data
    • To revoke the permission of collecting, processing and storing your personal data you gave us while applying to a job opening at any time

Since you cannot have direct access to our systems, you can always contact us to whenever you like to exercise the rights you are entitled to according the GDPR or contact the Hellenic Data Protection Authority for any misconduct on our behalf who is responsible for the implementation of the regulatory framework regarding the protection of personal data in Greece.